Distance Learning Freebies

For an ever-growing list of all my Freebies, check out my FREEBIES page on TPT!

With Distance Learning continuing for many of us, I’m going to offer some additional freebies to help out. All of these are free on TPT – Just click on the image! Together, we got this!

This Google Form includes an instructional video (preview on YouTube) that teaches students how to work with fractions greater than one (improper fractions) and mixed numbers.

This lesson includes a link to an instruction video (preview on YouTube) that helps students understand decimals, fractions and money.

This is a free tutorial that shows students how to annotate digital text in a Google Slide.

This is a free Google text with text dependent questions.

This Google Form gives students practice with Algebra and working with Order of Operations.

These BOOM Cards give students practice in finding equivalent fractions.

This Google Form gives students practice analyzing their Growth and Fixed Mindsets.

These BOOM cards use primary and secondary sources to teach students about the Women’s Suffrage Movement while practicing the skill of identifying Facts and Opinions.

These BOOM Cards use an original, non-fiction text to teach students about the Civil Rights Movement, including some little known information. The cards include comprehension questions and activities.

Free Math Resources

You can download the first 5 pages of the 5th Grade Math Spiral Review. The entire resource can be purchased on TPT and reviews EVERY 5th grade math standard in 30 days – just 10 minutes! Great for starting 6th grade OR for reviewing before the state test!

Click here to purchase the full resource!

FREEBIES for younger learners

This freebie gives kids a chance to practice reading and writing their color words. For PowerPoint lessons that connect, and make great digital learning, check out I Can Read Colors.

These alphabet flashcards have 32 cards – 1 for each consonant and 2 for each vowel.

Happy teaching!


February Freebie

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here is my popular Poetry Glossary. This Glossary contains 20 terms which are commonly found on standardized tests. Each term has a definition and an example.

For units that teach these terms in context using some terrific poems, please check out:

The cover of a poetry lesson.
The cover for a poetry lesson.

January Freebie!

This resource includes 10 of my favorite strategies for teaching vocabulary. Each of these strategies and/or games can be used with little prep and very few supplies. Download this today and use it tomorrow!

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