My New Year’s Resolution is to upload one freebie to this blog each month. These freebies will be exclusive to the blog and not on TPT or anywhere else as long as they are here! Happy New Year!

Distance Learning Freebies – April and May

With CoronaVirus spreading and schools closing, I’m going to offer some additional freebies this month. Here is the first one – a Google forms practice page for 5th Grade Order of Operations. You will find it for free on TPT.

I am also using Google Classroom to get work to my students. Some prefer to print work, so I’ve created a spiral review packet for 5th grade math. This packet spirals through all of the 5th grade standards multiple times in 6 weeks, making it a great end-of-year review. You can upload the first five pages for free! If you would like the entire 5th Grade Math Spiral Review packet with 6 weeks of math review, it’s listed as a growing bundle on TPT.

I have also started uploading instructional videos to my You Tube channel to help my students keep their skills sharp. I hope they will help your students too. Here is a video-linked lesson with a practice page to help students explore decimals, dollars and fractions – totally free!

This week I have a couple of great freebies for our youngest learners.

This freebie gives kids a chance to practice reading and writing their color words. For PowerPoint lessons that connect, and make great digital learning, check out I Can Read Colors.

These alphabet flashcards have 32 cards – 1 for each consonant and 2 for each vowel.

Together, we got this!

March Freebie!

I’ve been working really hard to help my students step up the language they use in their writing this year. Maybe you have too. In that case, give this freebie a try. To celebrate March, I’m uploading Wander Words Task Cards. These Task Cards focus on Scholarly transition words and phrases. They make a great center or whole class activity. Each card has a sentence with a missing transition word or phrase. Students have to find the path through the letters to spell the missing word. You get 14 Task Cards, a student recording sheet and an answer key!

February Freebie

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here is my popular Poetry Glossary. This Glossary contains 20 terms which are commonly found on standardized tests. Each term has a definition and an example.

For units that teach these terms in context using some terrific poems, please check out:

The cover of a poetry lesson.
The cover for a poetry lesson.

January Freebie!

This resource includes 10 of my favorite strategies for teaching vocabulary. Each of these strategies and/or games can be used with little prep and very few supplies. Download this today and use it tomorrow!

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