Poetry Break!

I have always loved teaching poetry. There’s something special about the look on a child’s face when they realize it’s not confusing and inaccessible, it’s actually pretty wonderful. I have the greatest respect for poets who work so hard to make every word count.

I teach poetry all year through Poetry Breaks and Poetry Slam. Sometimes we just take a minute to read a poem, sometimes we dwell on it for a few days. My goal with poetry is always to unlock it for kids. We love music and songs, and poetry is no more difficult than song lyrics! Download my free Poetry Glossary to help you as you unlock poetry for your students.

And be sure to visit my TPT store for poetry resources that you can use all year long!

The cover of a poetry lesson
The cover for a poetry lesson.
The cover of a poetry lesson.
The cover of lesson plans to teach analyzing three different poems.

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